Reflections for T2W9 (Yixin)

Another reflection- So last week, we had a great amount of white space, some lectures and a bio practical again. For the bio prac, we went to the computer lab to watch a video on Skyrise Greenery. (You can read the reflection on skyrise greenery I wrote last Wednesday) So I don’t think I shall […]

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Reflections for T2W8 (Yixin)

So here is another reflection on our activities during IDS. For the bio practical, we tested on some food samples to check their sugar level and another nutrition stuff like that. We brought soy sauce(from Yuxin) but sadly it could not really be tested on since it is a liquid, so together with Alynna, I […]

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Reflections for T2W9 (Yu Xin)

Hi it’s Yu Xin and today, I’m back with my weekly reflection ☺️ I would like to cover the Chemistry Practical we just done 12 hours ago! There were three components if the practical, and Yixin and I did the third component: finding out the pH value of Yixin’s garden soil. The process, to my […]

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Reflections for T2W8 (Yu Xin)

Hi! For week 2 of IDS, these are my reflections about History BE and GTT.  In History GTT, we learnt about civilisations and their features. We also learnt about farming in Singapore in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. We were also faced with the question: does nature have to pay the price of development? […]

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